Angelique, but the world calls me Cat (xxthecatsmeowxx) wrote in no_love_for_ted,
Angelique, but the world calls me Cat

I need a Ted Tonks for a journal RP

Hi my name is Angelique, but you all can call me Cat. I am going to be role playing as Andromeda Black on a new Marauder Era journal roleplay and I of course will need a Ted Tonks to roleplay with or else I am not going to have much to roleplay. I have roleplayed as Andromeda Black on a total of two forums and two journals. For the journals it seems that Ted Tonks is a role that no one happens to take, for whatever reason, so I thought I would get a head start on finding one. The roleplay will be opening officially within a week or so if all goes as planned, but spots are already being taken so don't worry about inactivity. I have roleplayed with many who are signing up and trust me they are active roleplayers and quite good at their at it.

The roleplay site can be found here
My character profile and journal is here

You can contact me at

By the way this is a literate roleplay. Thanks in advance to anyone who contacts me.
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