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A Marauder's Life-need a Ted Tonks


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The Story. Tom Marvolo Riddle is quite possibly one of the darkest wizards ever born. His story, now, is known far and wide. However, there was a time when his power was unknown. When his plans were still being constructed, his power still rising, and his victims still lived.

This time was long before that of the Boy Who Lived. It was during a time when He Who Must Not Be Named was still known as Tom Riddle to the public, but "Lord Voldemort" to his followers. It was during a time where Harry Potter's parents and friends roamed the halls of Hogwarts.

Lord Voldemort is rising to power. Few believe that the disappearance of Tom Riddle is linked with the recent attacks on muggles and muggleborn witches and wizard are tied together. There is one man, however, who has known -- maybe since the day he met Tom -- that the man now calling himself 'Lord Voldemort' was a threat. Albus Dumbledore has began to form the first Order of the Phoenix, a secret organization working behind the Ministry of Magic's knowledge to prevent the rise of the Dark Lord; trying to prevent a war from happening, and trying to save hundreds of lives.

All over the wizarding news has been mentions of a group of masked individuals wreaking havoc on the muggle and wizarding communities alike. They call themselves Death Eaters, and leave behind a mark wherever they kill. When death has been left in their wake, the sky shines bright with a green skull consolation with a serpeant for a tongue. Tom Riddle, a former student of Hogwarts, has gone missing. The Ministry believes this to be just another missing person's case -- as has become slightly common what with these 'Death Eaters' on the loose. Only Dumbledore and the Order know that his disappearance is even more a cause for alarm. Behind the scenes, Tom Riddle -- or Lord Voldemort as he now calls himself -- is pulling the strings of these masked terrors.

While this war is beginning to brew on the outside war, life inside Hogwarts seems to be going on as normal. Families feel that Hogwarts is safer than the streets of their communities, and students are beginning their new term at the wizarding school. Little do they know that some of the students in the school are tied in with these masked threats. Whispers around the halls of the school is that some of the students parents are in those masks, and that there are students tied with the group as well. This is only rumor, of course ...or is it?

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I play Andromeda Black on here and would love a Ted Tonks :P
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