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well, I'm here!

I don't read fic. And I see this is fic heavy. But I can't deny that the world needs more Ted lovins out there.
I hear the name Ted and 2 things come to mind:
1. Tonks
2. Radioactive Man on Heroes

Here is an Art:
Makani's Art: Andromida's Revenge : Featuring, ofcourse, Ted Tonks!
(This is the owner of Accio Bain! coolest Art site. .. EVER. She's amazing. Check out her galleries there and at her DA which is where the picture link goes back to!)

I only wish I was so cool to draw that. My art sucks. haha. Someday I'll do a Ted just for this community. (a little backed up on projects right now though)
I will take it apon myself to find the Ted!Arts out there and report them back here.

Signing off from duty-


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